Reserve Hall & Fee Schedule

West Newbury Community Hall 

Information and Rules for Use of the Hall

Updated 9.28.17

The Hall is available for events open to the public (concerts, classes, dances, potluck dinners, talks, yard sales, etc.) and for private events (receptions, birthday parties, showers,  etc.).    

To inquire about booking or renting the Hall, please contact us in any of these ways:

Write: West Newbury Community Hall

PO Box 85, West Newbury VT 05085

Phone: 802 429-2632 


ACCESSIBILITY: The Hall is NOT handicapped accessible.  The main floor is reached by either exterior steps (gentle, wide, railings) or interior steps (steep, narrow).  The ground-level floor is on grade but the access door is narrower than some wheelchairs.

All Hall users must abide by these instructions and rules.

1.  Events with anticipated attendance of 35 people or more are required to hire a constable for traffic control and put out barrels, cones and lighting (all at Hall) to alert drivers to slow down.  A constable is highly recommended for smaller groups, also that you have two parking attendants in reflective vests.  The road is dangerous for traffic pulling out of the parking areas on either side of the street and crossing is dangerous.

2.  A member of the Hall Committee will go through the building with you before your event  to explain the use of the Hall.

3.  All groups are responsible for leaving the building, or the portion used,  neat and clean.  This means washing tables, counter tops and stoves, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom.   Brooms, dustpans and brushes are in the furnace room downstairs and  upstairs in the northwest corner of the stage.  Upstairs: stack tables (if used) in gurney on the stage, line chairs two deep along the walls.  Downstairs: store chairs along wall.

4.  Garbage must be removed the same day.  Replace the garbage can liners (in downstairs kitchen, east wall by the water tank).  Pick up any litter left outside.

5.  Unless specified in your agreement, the kitchens are not to be used, nor are kitchen items to be used in any way.

6.  No equipment may be taken outside or removed from the Hall, i.e., tables, chairs, utensils, pots and pans, small appliances, etc.,  without permission.

7.  All groups are responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged furniture or fixtures.

8.  Smoking is not allowed at the Hall, inside or out, or on the church grounds

9.  Parking permitted in three areas: around the church,  in the lot south of the Hall, or in the field south of the church.  No parking on the street.  If plowing is required in the winter each of these three areas is $40 to plow.

10.  Maximum occupancy upstairs is 120; downstairs is 60.  

11.  Nothing may be taped, stapled, nailed or attached in any way to the walls or ceilings.

12.  Unplug all appliances before leaving.  Turn out lights, close doors and windows.  

13.  Leave refrigerator doors open and unplug the cords.

14.  There are towels , dishcloths and hot pads in the bin under the table opposite the south kitchen door.  Please leave what you use on the same table.

15.  Alcohol: the only two conditions under which alcohol may be served:

a.  The event is catered by a company that is licensed and insured with a minimum limit of liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence for serving liquor.  The caterer is required to name the West Newbury Hall and West Newbury Congregational Church as  "Additional Insured" on their policy for the dates of the event.  This coverage must be evidenced by a Certificate of Insurance which must be delivered to the West Newbury Hall Concierge ten (10) days in advance of the event.

b.  A General Liability/Liquor Liability Special Event Insurance Policy with Limits of Liability Occurrence Coverage of $1,000,000 and Aggregate Coverage of $2,000,000 must be obtained.  The West Newbury Hall and West Newbury Congregational Church must be listed as "Additional Insured" in the policy.  A caterer or professional bartender will serve the alcohol at the event.  (Note: A professional bartender is someone who is regularly employed in that role on a part-time or full-time basis).  BYOB (bring your own bottle) is not permitted.  This coverage must be evidenced by a Certificate of Insurance and delivered to the West New bury Hall Concierge ten (10) days in advance of the event.   

West Newbury Community Hall 

Fee Schedule

  • It's usually possible to set up for an event the day before at no charge.
  • Fees depend on how you will  use the Hall and what parts of the Hall you use.  More than one fee may apply.
  • The West Newbury Congregational Church, Back Room, and West Newbury Hall Committee may use the Hall free of charge for events sponsored by those organizations.
  • To talk about scheduling an event, please contact Catherine Kidder,

 802 429-2632,

Private events (parties, receptions, etc.)

West Newbury resident: $50 — (plus a donation for large gatherings)

Non-resident:                  $100

Events open to the public (concerts, fund raisers, etc.)

Non-profit group:           $60

For-profit event:             $100

Kitchen use

Stage kitchen:                  $75

Downstairs kitchen:        $100

Cleaning deposit (required for profit - non-profit)

$40 per floor

$40 per kitchen

Plowing  (if needed) 

$40 for Hall parking area 

$40 for church parking area

Hall Contract:  For a copy, click on image and drag to your desktop. You will then be able to print a copy— 

NOTE: A single restroom is located downstairs and is available year-round.  During the winter the water is off in the kitchens but can be restored if needed.

All fees are used for the maintenance and operation of the Hall.

Thank you for holding your event here.